Ep. #19 Solutions To Empower People, Not The Government

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The Big Topics This Week

This week on Making the Argument, Nick announces the next ten episodes that will release before election day. Here’s the schedule:

Aug. 17th – Transparency, Reform, and Fixing How Congress Works Ep. 20
Aug. 24th – Criminal Justice, Police, and Keeping Our Communities Safe and Secure Ep. 21
Aug. 24th – Education, School Choice, and Taking Care of our Teachers Ep. 22
Aug. 31st – COVID-19, Public Health, and Government Response Ep. 23
Sep. 7th – The Economy, Jobs, and Creating Opportunity Ep. 24
Sep. 14th – Taxes and Regulations Ep. 25
Sep. 21st – Lowering Prescription Drug Prices and Streamlining the FDA Ep. 26
Sep. 28th – Foreign Policy, National Defense, and Caring for our Veterans Ep. 27
Oct. 5th – Environment, Green Energy, and Responsible Stewardship Ep. 28
Oct. 12th – Healthcare: Equality, Affordability, and Accessibility Ep. 29

Nick is inviting everyone to submit a question for any episode at least a week before the episodes release. Submit your question HERE.

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