Ep. #8 Why “My Body, My Choice” Should Be A Pro-Life Argument

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The Big Topics This Week

A Young Woman Who Faced An Unexpected Pregnancy 
In segment one of Ep. #8, Nick tells the story of a young woman faced with an unexpected pregnancy while pursuing a nursing degree and her decision to choose life.

My Body My Choice 
In segment two, Nick breaks down the most common argument used to justify abortion: my body, my choice. You may realize after listening that this common argument might be a justification for the preborn child’s right to life.

An Incredible Testimony For Life 
And finally, in the What Makes America Great segment, Nick shares a powerful story of a woman who was born from a failed abortion. Gianna Jessen faces physical setbacks every day because of this. Her perseverance, strength, and passion should inspire us to be advocates for the preborn.

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