Ep. #7 War Stories and National Defense With Sean Parnell

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The Big Topics This Week

“I Volunteered For This” (0:39-24:42) 
Nick and Sean share a few comical experiences from their time in the Middle East and discuss why veterans should share their stories to preserve an understanding of freedom in America.

No One Understands The Cost Of War Like Our Veterans (24:42-52:03)
The United States military is the greatest liberating force the world has ever seen. But, many American’s believe our veterans are automatically “hawks.” In segment two, Nick and Sean discuss President Trump’s approach to the military. 

Honoring Those Who Gave Their Lives (52:03-1:00:03)
In segment three, Nick honors a family who lost two sons in Iraq, and Sean honors the Outlaw Platoon who he commanded. 

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